Instructions for picture size change – Windows 7

  1. Open picture with the program 'Paint' (Right mouse click on picture -> Open with->Paint).
  2. Click Resize – select 'Pixels',  in field 'Horizontal' enter 200, in field     'Vertical' enter 300. Click 'OK'.  See pictures below:


  1. Save picture by clicking  . At the bottom of the screen, it shows size of picture:


If the size is less than 255,0 KB, picture is ready for upload. If not, repeat step 2, and enter smaller values in 'Horizontal', 'Vertical'.

Instructions for picture size change – Windows XP<

  1. Right mouse click on picture -> click 'Resize picture' -> 'Advanced' –> ' Custom' -> Enter values 300 and 200 -> Click 'OK' (see pictures below):




Instructions for picture format change

If the picture is not in .JPEG format, open picture in Paint -> click FILE -> Save As -> in 'Save as type' choose JPEG.